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The Casual Vacancy by J K Rowling - Book thoughts

It took me far to long to get my self together and actually get started reading this book. I was so excited when it just came out and i got it for my birthday in December last year. I honestly don't know why I didn't get started on the casual vacancy earlier - I wish had.

It is true that it takes a long time to get into the book. I would say that you have to have patience enough to read at least 200 pages before it really gets interesting. I still wasn't sure if I really liked it until I finished it, but I kept reading so it couldn't have been all bad, you know. Normally, I like to find one character who I just fall in love with when reading, but with this one it just wasn't possible for me to thoroughly like any of the characters. But, I do believe that it only made the book more interesting and realistic.
I would probably rate this book 4 out of five stars, since i really liked it, but I wish i'd known that I did before i turned the last page. The casual vacancy is a great book and Jo really shows that she is able to write - and write good. In this book everything is tied together very nicely, which I think is a special talent of the authors.

I am reading more at the moment and it fills my heart with joy even though I am not reading a crazy amount of books since I am very busy with school at the moment. I am really looking forward to the break in a week. I really need a week away from school.

I am really enjoying BriBry's adventure time at the moment. Dreamy.

- Jamie

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