fredag den 22. juni 2012

Bright Eyes

I absolutely love Simon and Garfunkel and the other day I found the song 'Bright Eyes'. I had only heard it in the movie: 'Water ship down' wich is one of the movies I watched when I was younger, I loved it. It's an amazing movie, and I would recommend it to anyone. The song is so beautiful, It's allmost too much for me. I had never heard it like this before. Yeah, sure, I heard it when i was younger, but I never listened. Never really listened. And if you do listen, it is so beautiful.
I've spent the last couple of night, sitting on my bathroom floor listening to it over and over again. Whenever it stops I just want to press replay. I've also been watching the movie again, and it's kind of really scary, if I where to say so, it's not a childrens movie!
 I also drew Prince Elil-Hrair-Rah, witch means: Prince with a thousand enmies. It's the rabbit in the prolog og 'Watership down'

My Drawing
                                                            the song and the movie