lørdag den 31. marts 2012

The woods

The oh so lovely Valborg kidnapped me and took looooads of pictures of me, and I actually really liked some them: here they are (:

Jamie! Vanish!

onsdag den 28. marts 2012

Wake me up when september ends

today, some military men visited our school talking about the military's job and FN, NATO and Denmark... all that shit ye know.
I am a pacifist. They talked a lot about the danish actions in Afghanistan. I don't quite know how I feel about all that. All I know is that it, once again, made my boyfriend think about it as a job opportunity. It makes me really sad.  He's talked about it before and I really really hate the idea. But then again I want him to make his own choices... Well ever since he told me about it around christmas time I've allmost started crying every time I hear ""Wake me up when September ends" by green day.and also in the Amazing movie "across the universe" in the scene where lucy' boyfriend dies in battle... it breaks my heart. In both cases I can't stop thinking. That could be me some day. I really dont want that.

tirsdag den 27. marts 2012

Poem... I'm so poetic -.-'

I am Human

I am Scared

I am vulnerable

I am Emotionable

I am Depending on others

I am in need of having someone who cares

I am infatuated by Evil

I am Selfish

I am not pleased with what I've become

I am trying to be what I think others want to see

I am Tempted

I am Empty

I am Only Human

      Jamie! Vanish!

Poems aren't allways to somebody
this one is just for me
reminding me how true it is
I am Only Human

mandag den 26. marts 2012

I'm the Swan Queen

My sister(who is pretty cool) is making a card deck, where she sticks drawings that peolple she cares about made on them instead of the usual image. This was my try with The Queen Of Diamonds. I think it's a really cool idea, it makes your deck of card personal (:

                                      I was inspired by the Swan Queen from 'Black Swan' 
Jamie! Vanish!

lørdag den 24. marts 2012


Water is a lot of different things. Water is different to everyone. For some it is scary, huge and unknown. To some it is just annoying. For others it just something you drink and shower in but to me it is special. It's were I feel comfortable, it feels like nothing can hurt me. I am just me. When I am in the water I can just float away into my own world. The way the water touches my skin is so soft that it is hardly even there. Just enough to hold you up, floating, flying. It is hard to write about, since it is so indescribable. I have always been very fond of water in many different ways. I love to swim. The sound of exhaling underwater and the bubbles tickling my face. The way the muscles work when you swim. How I can swim and swim and not really getting exhausted, but still feeling like my body has been used. it makes me feel good about my self. It is a wonderful feeling.The way can only almost hear what is going on at the surface. It is as if i am in a whole different place. Nothing really matters, you know?
I also enjoy drinking water, cold like ice.
Water is fascinating.
Once I was sitting at the edge of the pool, after every one else had left. I was on my knees sticking my hand in the, but only enough for my palm to break the surface. I was fascinated by the way that it felt, and the rings I created, just by touching it. I was really way too old to act like that. 



Nail Art

The last year or so I've been really in to nail art. ^^
I've been having a lot of fun, It's been a completely new way to express my self creativly.
Here is some of the designs I've made.
It's tipping away ):

Jamie! Vanish!

søndag den 11. marts 2012

My amazing friend Valborg http://te-brev.blogspot.com/practically forced me to create this blog. Now I'll start. I'm thinking that my blog will be a place for my thoughts and for pictures and projects i do, and not a place for me to write my diary. But I will sart by telling a tiny little bit about my self. I love reading and writing and drawing and doing all sorts of creative activity. Thats what I would like to share on my blog.
 It's me who is writing all of this 

And here are some pictures from my trip to Bruxelles last fall

 I think they are pretty nice

Jamie! Vanish!