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The Book Thief - Book Thoughts

OMG It is 01:07 and I just finished the Book Thief by Markus Zusak. I should go to sleep but it is impossible after reading a book like this one. I was expecting The Book Thief to be good but I was not warned that it would hit me hard directly in the face with pain. I have not cried like this since the fault in our stars. But wow was this a good book.

The Book Thief takes place in Nazi Germany, and is the story of The Book Thief: Liesel Meminger.
We definitely need to talk about the narration of this book. It is narrated by death which is something I think could go horribly wrong but it works. At the same time Markus Zusak is able to capture the soul of the 10-year-old girl Liesel in The Book Thief which when you think about the combination of it being told by death and a 10-year-old is very impressive. The way that this amazing story is told is incredible you are constantly on edge since he keeps handing you something to wait for. It is building suspense all the way through. Some has complained about the writing of this book, but personally I feel like it tied it all together.
The combination of child-like adventures and the seriousness that is world war II works so well. It creates an atmosphere which I find very hard to describe. This book forced me to stop reading and think. It made me think about death more than I'd like to. This is part of the reason why I cannot just go to sleep now. This book has definitely had a huge impact on me and I will have to buy a copy of my own so I can reread it when my soul is ready for it. I would recommend this book to anyone(almost). I feel like the whole world should read this book. I am so excited for the movie coming out in November. I will probably do I blog post about that when I get the chance to watch it.
The Book Thief deserved 5 out of 5 stars hands down. It has immediately crammed it's way into being one of my favorites, not only of 2013 but also of all time.
Read The Book Thief - It will blow your mind. Well, I liked it...
And one final thing is that I was intrigued by how well the relationships between the characters were built.  
I am kind of chocked by how good it was.
That is all and goodnight

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