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Coraline by Neil Gaiman - Book Thoughts

Coraline is a quirky, adventurous and all in all a very enjoyable young heroine. She has recently moved in to an apartment in a big house with her very absent minded parents. Here she discovers a door which leads her to a parallel world where her other mother is waiting for her. With buttons for eyes.

Even though this book is written for a younger audience than my self, I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was entertaining, thrilling and scary in the way that makes it tingle down you spine.
Coraline's adventures are absolutely worth reading about. I enjoyed the variety of odd characters, and the vary sassy, talking cat.
The messages in the book and some of the great philosophical "quotes" (I don't know if you call them quotes. What I mean is great combinations of words which form philosophical sentences). were also right up my alley. Coraline defining what bravery is, outsmarting the other mother. Oh my, I really did like this book.
I picked it up a few years back and didn't get very far into it. Sometimes you just have to give it another go I guess.

The movie adaption is so so so so so good, it's one of my faves and I can definitely recommend both the book and the move.

I gave Coraline a 4 out of 5 star rating on goodreads.
(Coraline's goodreads page:

May I also comment on how brilliant this danish cover is.

- Jamie

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