onsdag den 28. marts 2012

Wake me up when september ends

today, some military men visited our school talking about the military's job and FN, NATO and Denmark... all that shit ye know.
I am a pacifist. They talked a lot about the danish actions in Afghanistan. I don't quite know how I feel about all that. All I know is that it, once again, made my boyfriend think about it as a job opportunity. It makes me really sad.  He's talked about it before and I really really hate the idea. But then again I want him to make his own choices... Well ever since he told me about it around christmas time I've allmost started crying every time I hear ""Wake me up when September ends" by green day.and also in the Amazing movie "across the universe" in the scene where lucy' boyfriend dies in battle... it breaks my heart. In both cases I can't stop thinking. That could be me some day. I really dont want that.

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