lørdag den 24. marts 2012


Water is a lot of different things. Water is different to everyone. For some it is scary, huge and unknown. To some it is just annoying. For others it just something you drink and shower in but to me it is special. It's were I feel comfortable, it feels like nothing can hurt me. I am just me. When I am in the water I can just float away into my own world. The way the water touches my skin is so soft that it is hardly even there. Just enough to hold you up, floating, flying. It is hard to write about, since it is so indescribable. I have always been very fond of water in many different ways. I love to swim. The sound of exhaling underwater and the bubbles tickling my face. The way the muscles work when you swim. How I can swim and swim and not really getting exhausted, but still feeling like my body has been used. it makes me feel good about my self. It is a wonderful feeling.The way can only almost hear what is going on at the surface. It is as if i am in a whole different place. Nothing really matters, you know?
I also enjoy drinking water, cold like ice.
Water is fascinating.
Once I was sitting at the edge of the pool, after every one else had left. I was on my knees sticking my hand in the, but only enough for my palm to break the surface. I was fascinated by the way that it felt, and the rings I created, just by touching it. I was really way too old to act like that. 



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