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The Hunger Games

I read The Hunger Games in the start of this school year, and I absolutely loved it. Amazing book. I was so happy when I heard it was going to be a movie. Last weekend I finally went to movies with Valborg and saw it (:
*Spoiler alert!*
First and foremost I want to say that I loved it, and it's totally worth a watch.Heres gonna be all my thoughts on the movie.... everything, also in comarason to the book. First off the characters: I think Jennifer Lawrence did a really good job playing Katniss, she truly became teh Katniss I had adored and worshiped ever since I read the book. I must give her credit for here perfomance. I was also pretty impressed with Josh Hutcherson, who plays Peeta, he was so sweet and sincere you had to love him. I didn't like Peetas first interview though, but that has nothing to do with his performance.I feel like it went a little too fast, you didn't quite get how real his feeling for Katnis was, or how sad it was. (him being in love with his fellow tribute) All in all I think it would be hear to really understand the realtions between the characters if you hadnt' read the book, especially Gale and Katniss, which is too bad. Haymitch! Oh Haymitch! I loved Haymitch in the books. wonderful man. When I saw Woody Harroldson I thought that he could never be Haymitch, he was so wrong. I wa absolutely blown away. He really WAS Hamymitch, he was an amazing Haymitch. You actually really got Idea of what a clever man is hiding underneath the drunken cadaver. And you could actually feel how much Katniss and Peeta means to him. Rue and Cinna impressed my as well, both characters who I really loved in the books. Rues death was just as sad as it's supposed to be, even though it was too rushed through, (but you cant blame them). You didn't get an idea of how close Rue and Katniss became. I was missing some more allie-action. Cinna was just lovely :D
I had very mixed emotions during the film, I was starting to cry when Rue died, but as I was tearing up I thought, no, don't, you allready did this once why do it again, I cried reading the book. Then I looked at Valborg and she was crying and I don't know why but I started laughing and then she started laughing and we laughed even more. I wonder what the other people must have thought of us, we must have seemed very cold and with absolutely no feeling. I also started laughing when Seneca Crane (the head gamemaker) was let into the room with the nightlock. I was the only one laughing. I thought it was such a genius detail to how to execute him. I loved it. And I was so scared even though I knew what was to happen.
There has been a lot of talk about the way Katniss got the mockingjay pin. I didn't like it at first since I really liked Madge, but I think it's okay. The important part is not from who she got it but that she got it. Maybe it didn't really get quite the meaning that it was supposed to but i think it was okay. Even though now we can't get the same story about the second quarter quill, when Haymitch won. The story with Katniss moms friend.
The mutts was not brutal enough for me and I also wanted some deaths to be more painful especially Cato's and Clove's. I also missed how exstremely messed up Clove really was, with the detail of her wanting to cut of Katniss lips. I wanted to see more clearly how much the Capitol could ruin a child. She was mental and I wished for that to be more clear. I really hoped to see the eyes of the other tributes in the mutts and there weren't enough of them. But they were really scary.
I loved the flashback showing Katniss and Peetas realitionship. I also liked the people of the capitol and the movie they played at the reaping.
all in all I really loved the movie and it was so well made!
Valborg and I

                                                            Jamie! Vanish!

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